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Welcome to Salmon Fishing Guides Organization. We promote the Salmon fishing industry and are an organization trying to help Salmon fishing guides. The Northwest including Oregon, Idaho and Washington offer many popular location for Salmon fishing guides to catch popular fish. Local fishing guides catch more fish because they use popular fishing baits, they use Salmon eggs, and they know "how to catch Salmon" and use the most popular Salmon fishing techniques.

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Peak time for salmon:

  • Last week of August through September
  • Also: April, October and November

With so many good options, it is hard to know where to start fishing for these great fish. Since I fish almost every day, I know where the salmon are located and what they are hitting. If the challenge of fighting a trophy salmon is on your "to-do" list, give me a call and we'll schedule a convenient time when the salmon are really jumping.

Salmon fishing guides catch Fall Chinook Salmon on the Columbia River.

Spring Chinook offer a variety of great opportunities. These fish start coming in March and the peak run is usually in April. They are easily located and there are several rivers from which to choose for these hungry fish. They will average 12-15 lbs. but can easily run up to 25 lbs. Fishing for spring salmon is a fun trip.

"Upriver Brights" are a late-August through September migration of Chinook salmon heading upriver to spawn. They are plentiful and excellent eating. The average size will be about 25 lbs. but they can run as high as 50 lbs. There is always plenty of action when these fish are running.

Salmon fishing guides catch Fall Chinook, Coho, Silver Salmon upriver brights and Summer Chinook

At one time the summer salmon on the Columbia River was the biggest run of the year. Buz Ramsey told me that the commercial fishery alone took over a million salmon. However, because of the many dams that caused the warmer temperatures and silted in the spawning gravel bars, the run was closed for 29 years, until just a few years ago. This is the run that Lewis and Clark wrote about that they could walk across the Columbia River on the backs of salmon. These days, when the Spring Chinook hit the river, it is a salmon frenzy.


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